Welcome to Tourism Novales. COTTAGE x


In our restaurant you can enjoy a wide range of dishes made with the best raw materials and much care and affection.

We have a letter with more than twenty dishes of all kinds, cold starters, hot, stews, seafood paella, Cantabrian fish and meat of our land.

A daily menu with six options first, second six options, homemade desserts (of Grandmothers), pan, water and wine included for a price of 12,00 € per person.

If you have any allergies this is your place, we have a letter prepared with all allergens and, If you still have any doubts, You can ask any of our guys. Celíacos, Vegetarians of all kinds, allergic to shellfish, fish, egg, etc.

Snacking on request, biscuits, cakes, Shortbread, whatever you imagine you, questions without obligation!!!

Menus for your BBC!!! And if any of them do not like, Tell us your budget and you elaborate a custom!

breakfast, foods, snacks and dinner…

And if none of this convinces you… We very rich coffee!!!