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Novales is one of the seven villages, with Cóbreces, Oreña, Envelope, Rudaguera, Toñanes y Cigüenza, form the City of Alfoz of Lloredo.

We are located in a valley in which, thanks to the microclimate, They are given a variety of citrus, including the most famous “Lemon Novales”. In our gardens we have a wide range of citrus trees, limoneros, naranjos, mandarinos, a grapefruit.

We have a garden 2.000 square meters in the estate restaurant and apartments La Ceña, on the grounds of the Posada dinner it consists of almost 1.000 square meters.

The apartment building is three hundred meters from the town center, on a private estate with private and free parking for our customers. Fifty meters from the building is located the Park Ceña, a public park with football pitch, swings and slides for children and adults barbecues and tables.

Novales is located 7 km of Santillana del Mar, 12km of Comillas, about 17km from San Vicente de la Barquera, 20km from Cabezon de la Sal, the capital of the province of Cantabria we have a little over 30km from here. But considering we have tickets to the A 10 minutes from our house, you can plant if you want in Basque Country, Asturias, Castilla y Leon in less than an hour.